Call Her Cruella de Stone – Emma Stone Takes on Disney’s Villainess

Attn! Emma Stone is going to play Cruella de Vil in a new movie that’s an ‘origin story’ about Cruella herself. Are you excited for this?

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“Darling, looking good is far better than being good,” once said iconic villainess Cruella de Vil from Disney’s animated 101 Dalmatians.

Watch out everybody, a new Cruella de Vil will be on the loose soon, and she will be the star of her very own story. Perhaps we may even call her Cruella de Stone, because Oscar-winning Emma Stone has been cast to play the villainess.

Director Craig Gillespie’s vision of Cruella is a new one, as he set events in the ‘80s, which will flash forward. The film will plays with timelines a bit, and will apparently be the “origin story” about Cruella. So Roger, Anita, Pongo, Perdita, or their many puppies might not make an appearance as it seems to be a movie mainly about the fashion-obsessed heiress according to Glamour.

Despite it being set in a more modern decade, we hope Emma still rocks Cruella’s red stiletto pumps, black silky slip-on dress, pompous black and white fur coat and that chaotic two-toned black and white hair that people either hate or love.

At the moment there isn’t much information about the film and plot. Perhaps the audience will get to see Cruella’s start in the world of fashion as a designer or the moment she transformed her hair. It’s also possible that she would be on the hunt for Dalmatian puppies in the present day, but this is just Glamour’s prediction. One thing that is for sure is that audiences will get to get an insight to the life of young Cruella and that it’s “set in the early 1980s with a punk vibe,” as reported by THR.

As we get ready for a new perspective of Cruella herself, we look back on Glenn Close’s version of Cruella in the first live-action ‘101 Dalmatians’ in 1996, which was definitely fabulous. Emma Stone doesn’t have an easy task filling those red stilettos, but will certainly give a fresh new life to the villainess and her absurdly glam wardrobe.

This is Emma Stone’s first take on Disney and darling, the possibilities are endless. Are you excited for the ‘origin story’ of Cruella de Vil? Read more about this story on Glamour here.

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Attn! Emma Stone is going to play Cruella de Vil in a new movie that’s an ‘origin story’ about Cruella herself. Are you excited for this?

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