Starbucks Holiday Drinks – Around the World

Starbucks’ International Holiday menu is here, from the Christmas Dessert Latte to a Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. Do you wish these drinks would make it to the US?

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Take a trip with us as we explore the 12 most popular holiday Starbucks drinks around the world. The only problem? Most of these drinks are unavailable in the US *cue the tears.* Travel + Leisure comprised a list that will cause mouths to water, envy to kick in and travel plans to be arranged.

1 On the first day of Christmas, Starbucks made for me- Japan’s classic Christmas Strawberry Cake Milk!
This pink dessert is a Japanese Christmas tradition in a cup. With steamed milk, strawberry compote and white mocha syrup topped with whipped cream, strawberry syrup and crushed biscuit, this drink will have you booking your next flight to Tokyo.

2 Snowy Cheese Flavored Latte
It’s okay- I was skeptical as well. But citizens in China swear by it! This espresso drink includes baked cheese flavored sauce, blueberry flavored sprinkles, whipped cream and crispy little stars.

3 Toffee Nut Crunch Latte
Available in China, the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe, this new drink combines espresso and coffee into a beautiful swirl of flavors that will have you asking why it’s not available in the States.

4 Christmas Dessert Latte
The Christmas Dessert Latte creates taste of a British Christmas pudding. The irony? This drink is only available in China. The new beverage includes steamed milk, espresso, a “Christmas pudding flavored sauce,” caramel sauce, whipped cream and dried fruit on top.

5 Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha
Only available in Latin America, this jolly beverage contains espresso, steamed milk, white chocolate, whipped cream, cranberry drizzle and cranberry sugar topping. Drinking this beverage will have you singing holiday carols into the new year!

6 Duo Cocoa Mocha
Dark and white chocolate combine in this doubly-delectable drink. With mocha drizzle and cocoa nibs sprinkling over the whipped cream, the Duo Cocoa Mocha is every chocolate lover’s dream. But this dream only comes true in Asia Pacific Starbucks.

7 Speculoos Latte
Another savory beverage found in the Asia Pacific, the Speculoos Latte is most aptly described as the “Caramel Cinnamon Cookie Latte.” Need I say more?

8 Dark Cherry Mocha
Latin America and the Caribbean hold this fruity gem. Dark cherry syrup and bittersweet mocha sauce blend to create an enticing holiday treat.

9 Hazelnut Mocha
The Hazelnut Mocha is an espresso mixed with bittersweet chocolate and the flavor of hazelnut. Starbucks in Argentina and Uruguay are serving this genius concoction.

10 Christmas Brulee Latte
Crème brulee in a cup? Already a great idea, but it doesn’t stop there. Eggnog milk, espresso and Christmas Brulee sprinkles on top create a holiday delight that only Starbucks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa can enjoy.

11 Flat White with Cinnamon Spice
Finally, a beverage available in the US! According to Starbucks News, the Flat White is a new espresso beverage created with two ristretto shots, a thin layer of velvety steamed whole milk and finished with a latte art dot. The ristretto shot delivers a sweeter, more intense coffee flavor. Amp up this drink with flavored options, like cinnamon spice sugar!

12 Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate
Even the name is decadent. This hot cocoa is fully stacked: steamed milk, mocha sauce, salted caramel sauce, salted brownie whipped cream, brownie crumbles and salted caramel brittle. Europe, the Middle East and Africa are doing Starbucks right.

Starbucks constantly reinvents their menu, with new recipes and beverages to look forward to each season. If only they would bring these delicious creations to the US! Did any of the beverages make you want to travel for a taste? Read the full story from Travel + Leisure here.

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Starbucks’ International Holiday menu is here, from the Christmas Dessert Latte to a Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. Do you wish these drinks would make it to the US

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