Glamour to Transform into Digital Glossy

Glamour to Transform into Digital Glossy

Folding. Glamour magazine will cease regular monthly print editions next year and focus on digital projects. Do you still subscribe to print magazines?

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It is time for Glamour magazine to turn the page. According to chief editor Samantha Barry, the magazine will focus on online presence and will not be printing regular monthly print editions starting in 2019.

The New York Post states that Glamour was one of the top-selling magazines in the late 80s and early 90s, but as the industry started to become more digital, Glamour’s popularity dwindled. In 2016, Cindi Leive was still editing Glamour when Wintour decided to oversee a major overhaul – redesigning Glamour to resemble Vogue; however, it did not go as well as expected.

Per New York Post, the decision to become solely digital comes a year after Anna Wintour, Condé Nast artistic director, hired Samantha Barry, a CNN web journalist with no print magazine experience, to run Glamour. “This is my plan, because it makes sense,” Barry said in an interview regarding meeting Glamour’s audience online. “It’s where the audiences are, and it’s where our growth is. That monthly schedule, for a Glamour audience, doesn’t make sense anymore.” In an email to staff, Nast CEO Bob Sauerberg said, “Glamour has grown and expanded from a successful print brand that connected with readers once a month to an always-on brand that is in constant conversation with its audience on all platforms.”

According to the New York Times, Pamela Drucker Mann, Nast’s chief marketing officer, pointed out that the magazine’s disappearance from newsstands doesn’t mean the brand is ruined. “This isn’t like another magazine that is not going to make it,” Drucker Mann stated. “This is about the evolution of a brand and what it means not just to redefine itself and grow, but also to liberate itself and have this ability to not only continue on, but to be more successful than it ever was.”

January’s issue will be the last regular print issue. However, Barry stated that Glamour will “use print the way our audiences do – to celebrate big moments. Like Women of the Year, with special issues that are ambitious, lush and have longevity.”

So, keep your phone, tablet, e-reader or laptop close because printed magazines might soon become a thing of the past. Read more on NY Post here.

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Folding. Glamour magazine will cease regular monthly print editions next year and focus on digital projects. Do you still subscribe to print magazines?

41% Aww, yes I do!
59% No, all online
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62% No, all online
46% Aww, yes I do!
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