The Royal Family Does This Weird Tradition Every Christmas…

Hmm. Apparently, a royal tradition is to get weighed before and after Christmas dinner. Would you partake in this?

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Imagine having to step on the scale before and after Christmas dinner…cringe. Apparently, the royal family does this every Christmas, dating back to King Edward VII’s reign.

King Edward VII was reportedly intensely concerned about people’s health and whether or not they were eating enough on Christmas, so he wanted the number on the scale to rise after dinner. The royals do enjoy three large meals on Christmas day, though, so we think they’ll pass the test.

According to Majesty editor Ingrid Seward and Grazia, the royals continue this dated tradition today, opting for antique scales to get the job done.

This could be awkward for Meghan Markle’s mom, Doria Ragland, considering this will be her first Christmas spent with the royals. Hopefully, hopping on a scale a couple times won’t scare her off.

Doria’s invitation to spend Christmas with the royals is a big deal, considering Kate Middleton’s parents haven’t been invited yet, and it’s been seven years. The Queen’s invitation to Doria is “highly unusual and breaks royal precedent” according to Cosmopolitan.

You can breathe a sigh of relief because this tradition isn’t a law, so if it is true, the royal family has every right to opt out of the weighing.

Would you partake in this tradition if it meant you got to spend Christmas with the royals? Read more about this story on Cosmopolitan here.

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Hmm. Apparently, a royal tradition is to get weighed before and after Christmas dinner. Would you partake in this?

57% Absolutely not
43% Ya, NBD
46% Absolutely not
54% Ya, NBD
82% Absolutely not
18% Ya, NBD

Absolutely not


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