Attn! Victoria’s Secret is Bringing Back Sunglasses and Swimsuits

Victoria’s Secret is bringing back their moneymakers – swimsuits and sunglasses. Are you excited?

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Victoria’s Secret hasn’t been doing too well. According to NY Post, their shares fell 18 percent recently, settling at a low $28.42. As management tried to figure out the problem, it became clear that people aren’t buying their pricey bras and panties as much as they used to.

Searching for a solution to this problem, L Brands, the owner of Victoria’s Secret and partner PINK, has decided to bring back boots, bathing suits and sunglasses in hopes to bring back some business.

It was a “very important decision to re-enter some businesses,” the company let go of in recent years, Stuart Burgdoefer, chief financial officer of L Brands said.

When the company decided to stop selling swimsuits, they had the intention to focus mainly on the lingerie business. This decision resulted in “weak sales” during the seasons when people would normally shop for swimsuits.

Swimwear, according to the NY Post, is a $525 million business and is set to return to Victoria’s Secret this spring.

The management admitted to its mistakes and is now trying to turn it around.

According to NY Post, as a new CEO has taken the reigns of the company, they have started selling UGG merchandise online recently and they plan to bring back eyewear in the coming months.

“At the end of the day someone else’s brand is not going to save Victoria’s Secret,” Instinent analyst Simeon Siegel said. “It can help with incremental sales.”

To some, it’s no surprise Victoria’s Secret has had stagnant sales considering there are cheaper alternatives to their pricey $50 dollar and up lingerie. But walking in the store, you can still spot the avid Victoria’s Secret customers who are willing to pay the price.

PINK, the company’s teenage-focused brand is also struggling. PINK sells loungewear as well as bras and panties, but the price for their merchandise doesn’t come cheap either. The average sweatshirt from PINK costs around $60 dollars.

“We took a risk going into the fall season,” on “bling and embellishments” in the PINK merchandise, Burgdoerfer said. “Customers did not respond to it.”

Moral of the story is, get excited because Victoria’s Secret is bringing back the goods. Get ready for swimsuit season, people.

Are you excited? Read more about this story on NY Post here.

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Victoria’s Secret is bringing back their moneymakers – swimsuits and sunglasses. Are you excited?

42% Yesss, finally!
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50% Nah, over them
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