U.K. School Fights Bullying – Bans Expensive Coats

Woodchurch high school in the U.K. is banning students from wearing super pricey coat brands. Is this a positive move?

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Children can be relentlessly cruel to peers who cannot afford the same luxuries others take for granted – such as expensive winter coats.

According to LADbible, Woodchurch High School in Birkenhead, U.K., has taken steps to abolish “poverty shaming” by banning its students from wearing expensive designer coats and jackets. Prohibited brands include Canada Goose and Moncler, which can cost up to £600 for one.

The school announced their decision in a letter to parents and guardians earlier this month. Rebekah Phillips, the head teacher at Woodchurch High School, told CNN, “These coats cause a lot of inequality between our pupils. They stigmatize students and parents who are less well off and struggle financially.”

Per LADbible, a spokesman for the school said, “We are concerned with poverty proofing in school, where issues can routinely, if unintentionally, stigmatize children living in poverty and contribute to the increasing cost of the school day to parents and carers.”

Parents took their opinions to social media, some applauding the decision and some disapproving of the ban. One woman commented that high-end fashion can lead to bullying, but to another woman, the whole idea of banning coats seems absurd: “I think it’s a joke some kids only have them coats.”

Clothing can be an apparent indicator of social or economic status, and banning students from wearing expensive brands might just prevent bullying in schools. Read more on LADbible here.

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Woodchurch high school in the U.K. is banning students from wearing super pricey coat brands. Is this a positive move?

41% Y- lots of peer pressure
59% N- shielding from reality
35% Y- lots of peer pressure
65% N- shielding from reality
50% Y- lots of peer pressure
50% N- shielding from reality

Y- lots of peer pressure

N- shielding from reality

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