Cusco, Peru: Retirement Paradise

It looks like Peru is one destination that stands out when it comes to affordable and quality retirement. Would you want to live in Peru?

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For many, finding a fun, affordable city in the U.S. for retirement can seem impossible. Maybe that’s why so many people are looking into retiring abroad. Time magazine reports that “your savings can go a lot farther in many places overseas, especially when the exchange rate is favorable … And you can fulfill all the international travel dreams you’ve harbored since you were young – except you can journey indefinitely.”

So where should future retirees look to journey indefinitely? The executive editor of International Living, Jennifer Stevens, states that Cusco, Peru, stands above the rest in affordability and quality. According to Travel and Leisure, a couple could live a high-quality life for $1,700 a month. Peru even offers qualifying international residents a retirement visa!

Described by Time magazine as a “scenic steal,” Cusco, Peru, has no shortage of beauty, history or activities. Peru offers some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. Those who love the outdoors will swoon over local views, such as Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain. According to Britannica, Cusco is also one of the “oldest continually inhabited areas in the Western Hemisphere” and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. The colonial city has “ample domed churches and ancient, pedestrian-only cobblestone streets.” However, all this history does not mean that it’s a boring city. With renovated buildings, shopping centers and fabulous restaurants, Cusco has all the perks of modern life. On top of everything else, Peru has also been recognized as a true culinary destination.

Peru proves that it is never too late to travel; it offers the most scenic and affordable place to retire. Some might worry about moving far away; however, Peru offers a beautiful adventure at an incredibly reasonable price. “In the right spots abroad, expats find not only that their dollars stretch, but that they can enjoy a quality of life that’s so much richer than what they could afford at home,” said Jennifer Stevens from International Living.

Beautiful scenery, delicious food and all for an economical price! Where do I sign? Read more about this story on Travel + Leisure here.

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It looks like Peru is one destination that stands out when it comes to affordable and quality retirement. Would you want to live in Peru?

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