Should Schools Get Rid of Subjects?

Should schools do away with all subjects and focus on phenomenon-based learning?

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Finland will become the first country in the world to eliminate all school subjects. In other word, there will no longer be any math, history, physics, literature or geography classes. Any high school students booking a one-way ticket to Finland yet?

The head of the Department of Education in Helsinki, Marjo Kyllonen, explained the rationale:

“There are schools that are teaching in the old-fashioned way which was of benefit in the beginning of the 1900s – but the needs are not the same, and we need something fit for the 21st century.”

According to Educate Inspire Change, instead of learning subjects, students will take classes like “Working in a Café,” where they will learn everything there is to know about English, economics, and communication.

The format of the teaching will change as well – less solidarity and more collaboration. “Instead of staying passively on their benches listening to the teachers, students will now often work in smaller groups, collaborating on projects rather than just be assigned homework and classwork,” Educate Inspire Change reports.

The new education system is meant to better prepare students for life outside of high school. The students will be able to choose which topic they’d like to focus their studies on – much like college. This way, the students do not have to take a course they are not passionate about.

“We really need a rethinking of education and a redesigning of our system, so it prepares our children for the future with the skills that are needed for today and tomorrow,” Kyllonen explained.

The new changes in the Finnish education system are expected to be completed by 2020. 

Do you think this new education system is a good idea? Read more about this story on Educate Inspire Changehere.

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Should schools do away with all subjects and focus on practical knowledge in subjects that are interesting to high school kids?

40% Yes, let’s reevaluate
60% No, system works
36% Yes, let’s reevaluate
64% No, system works
52% Yes, let’s reevaluate
48% No, system works

Yes, let’s reevaluate

No, system works

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