Loneliness Can Kill You

Do you have weak social ties? Poor social ties have been discovered to be worse for your health than obesity and alcoholism!

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Calling all social people! We have good news. A study found that people with strong social relationships have a 50 percent increased likelihood for survival compared to those with weak social relationships. Tell that to your teacher next time they tell you no talking in class…

The modern lifestyle can be a bit…isolating. According to the study conducted by PLOS medicine, “Current evidence indicates that the quantity and/or quality of social relationships in industrialized societies are decreasing.” It has become common for people to move to a brand-new place, abandoning the sense of community that usually comes with having family and friends close by. This instance of social isolation and what it does to the mind and body is something the study observes.

The study examines the two ways that social interaction can aid in the health and well-being of individuals. The first is the idea that “social relationships may provide resources (informational, emotional, or tangible)” that aid in combatting the influence that stressors have on your health. It also discussed the idea that “being part of a social network gives individuals meaningful roles that provide self-esteem and purpose to life.” In other words, don’t try to deal with the stresses of life on your own.

Shockingly, the study concluded that the risks of having poor social relationships is comparable to the risks associated with smoking and obesity. There’s always time to turn it around, though. The study suggests that physicians, health care professionals, educators, and the public media be aware of the risks of poor social interaction and promote healthy socializing; “Social relationship-based interventions represent a major opportunity to enhance not only the quality of life but also survival.”

Now that you’re done reading this, get out and socialize! Doctor’s orders.

Do you have weak social ties? Read more about this on PLOS here.

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Do you have weak social ties? Poor social ties have been discovered to be worse for your health than obesity and alcoholism!

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