A Jaguar in Ram’s Clothing: Trading Dante Fowler Jr.

A Jaguar in Ram’s Clothing: Trading Dante Fowler Jr.

The LA Rams have acquired Dante Fowler Jr. from the Jaguars. Will this be his last season?

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Look out, football player Dante Fowler Jr. has been traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the LA Rams. Is this a good move for the Rams? According to ESPN Sports Center, the Jaguars made the better decision by trading him away. With a history of off-the-field issues, this 24-year-old defensive end is on shaky ground with the NFL- potentially threatening his future in the sport.

As third overall pick in the 2015 draft, Fowler was off to a promising start. However, a torn ACL prevented him from proving himself in his rookie season. Shortly after, coaches found out that a torn ACL would not be the only issue with this player. ESPN reports that in 2016, Fowler was captured “refereeing a fight between his girlfriend and the mother of his child.” Only a few weeks later, he was arrested and charged with “misdemeanor counts of assault against a police officer.” While the charges were later dropped, his reputation continued to tarnish when he served a one-week suspension for fighting during practice. Fowler has even been issued over 10 traffic citations within a two-year period. The final straw was his July 2017 arrest on charges of battery, criminal mischief and petit theft in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Fla. The arrest resulted in a season-opener suspension and the Jaguars’ refusal to pick Fowler up for a fifth year.

Despite Fowler not having any off-the-field issues since his 2017 arrest and admitting he needed to change his actions, it seems not only the Jaguars but also sports commentators disapprove of him. One ESPN Sports Center commentator calls Fowler “a disappointment on and off the field.” He even goes as far to explain that the reason the Rams accepted him was because “[The Rams] didn’t pay too high of a price for a player who has talent but hasn’t shown it yet.”

With such a negative reputation, why did the Rams accept Fowler? According to ESPN, the Rams have had trouble maintaining a strong defensive line due to an influx of player injuries. They also lost their outside linebacker Robert Quinn to the Miami Dolphins and Connor Barwin departed in free agency. The Rams needed a new defensive end and Fowler was available.

Even in his new team, Fowler is in a precarious position. After this season, he will become an unrestricted free agent. Has Fowler really changed his ways? Or will this upcoming season be his last ever? Read the full story from ESPNhere.

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The LA Rams have acquired Dante Fowler Jr. from the Jaguars. Will this be his last season?

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A Jaguar in Ram’s Clothing: Trading Dante Fowler Jr.

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