Solo Traveler? Here are the Best Places to Travel Alone

Solo Traveler? Here are the Best Places to Travel Alone

Would you ever travel alone? Solo travelers represent 14 to 27 percent of all bookings.

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According to data from Airbnb, solo travel is now more popular than ever. While traveling alone can be an unveiling experience, it may be hard to pick the best locations when you’re ridin’ solo. Luckily, based on the number of bookings in 2016, Airbnb made a list of the most popular locations solo travelers are going.

Cancun, Mexico. Snorkel, museum hop and shop. Cancun is the perfect spot for someone looking for plenty of activities and outdoor adventures. Shopping solo is always better!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Spas, history and unique food. Ho Chi Minh is the perfect spot if you’re looking to learn more about history and pamper yourself. Sounds like a place for a history lover looking to be pampered.

Cologne, Germany. Art, views and landscape. If you are looking for a place to experience art masterpieces and beautiful scenery, you should definitely visit Cologne. Beautiful views inside museums and out!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Diving, beach and dance clubs. Playa del Carmen is known as one of the top diving destinations in the world, so if this is an interest of yours, don’t miss out!

Johannesburg, South Africa. Museums, history and attractions. Being South Africa’s biggest city, Johannesburg will give you the urban feel while still providing plenty of history and sights to see.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Architectural tradition, cuisine and cathedrals. Visit Sao Paulo if you’re looking to experience vibrant architecture and a variety of museums. The buildings are beautiful, and after eating the cuisine, your stomach will thank you.

Auckland, New Zealand. Volcanos, wine tasting and bungee jumping. Auckland is perfect for the traveler looking to experience a wide variety of unique activities. Wine tasting and bungee jumps, anyone?

Mexico City, Mexico. Historic landmarks, artifacts and frequent events. Mexico City is a historic city with plenty of sites to see and an array of events to attend. Experience the city’s rich history and   enjoy the uniqueness of authentic Mexican cuisine. Yum!

Charlotte, North Carolina. NASCAR, civil war history and river rafting. Visit Charlotte if you’re a fan of NASCAR or if you’re just looking to have an outdoor adventure like no other. Whitewater rafting, anyone?

Busan, South Korea. Beaches, mountains and temples. Busan is a modern city surrounded by beautiful nature. Visit if you’re a fan of the outdoors and want to experience beautiful temples. Your eyes will thank you after this one.

Traveling solo can be great if you’re looking to spend some time with the person you know best – yourself. All these locations provide activities for people with a wide variety of interests; check them out!

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Would you ever travel alone? Solo travelers represent 14 to 27 percent of all bookings.

49% Yes – peaceful
51% No – I prefer company
59% Yes – peaceful
41% No – I prefer company
33% Yes – peaceful
67% No – I prefer company

Yes – peaceful

No – I prefer company

Solo Traveler? Here are the Best Places to Travel Alone

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