‘Clueless’ is Getting A Makeover!

‘Clueless’ is Getting A Makeover!

Attn! A ‘Clueless’ remake is in the works! Are you excited about this?

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Ugh! As if! In the land of reboots and remakes, news broke that one of the most nostalgic films of the 90s is making a comeback. A ‘Clueless’ remake is currently in development and people are totally buggin’ out.

Fans on Twitter are torn on whether they want a remake of the ‘90s teen classic or not, according to Glamour. The project is in the early stages and no word yet if the film will be a fresh take for Generation Z or if former stars will be involved. On board is ‘Girls Trip’ writer Tracy Oliver, who will be producing. Marquita Robinson, a story editor and writer on the Netflix comedy ‘GLOW,’ will write the script. The impressive pedigree of writers on board, have many fans excited.

It would be interesting to see a modern version of ‘Clueless’ with modern developments like social media and advanced technology. Cher Horowitz, who if you recall is a virgin who can’t drive and oh yeah, gets stranded, won’t be as big of deal today. Just Uber or Lyft, girl!

On the other hand, has Hollywood run out of ideas that they keep on touching on the classics? Whatever! The iconic film has gifted many with classic lines to last a lifetime. Many are hoping to see Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd in the remake in some way.

Either way, the amazing writers added to the project so far prove that a lot of work must be done to bring us the magic we all expect. For those of you who are completely opposed to the idea, in the words of Cher, we wouldn’t call you selfish to your face. While everyone continues to be divided on the idea, we will just have to wait and see. Read the full story from Glamour here.

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Attn! A ‘Clueless’ remake is in the works! Are you excited about this?

19% YES, totally buggin’
81% Noooo, leave it!
14% YES, totally buggin’
86% Noooo, leave it!
27% YES, totally buggin’
73% Noooo, leave it!

YES, totally buggin’

Noooo, leave it!

‘Clueless’ is Getting A Makeover!

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