Nationalism, The Great Divide

Nationalism, The Great Divide

President Trump declared himself a “nationalist” during a rally in Texas. Is Nationalism something America needs right now?

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President Trump recently declared he was a nationalist at his Texas rally. He explained his position quite simply saying, “A globalist is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly not caring about the country so much. You know, we can’t have that.”  This caused an uproar of boos in the crowd. “You know what I am, I’m a nationalist,” he continued while the crowd erupted in a patriotic chant. This is the first time Trump has associated himself with a political position that has “long defined his outlook and the protectionist trade policies he has implemented in an effort to boost domestic manufacturing.”

The term “nationalism” has long been associated with racism, but what is nationalism in the simplest of terms? Nationalism is a loyalty and devotion to one’s country. The dictionary defines it as “a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups.” This is an extreme, nationalism can cause wars or bring a people together under the one belief to do what is best for their country.

There are, however, many forms of nationalism. The most negative being “white nationalism,” and the form of political standing many believe that Trump has. White Nationalism is the form of nationalism where people believe that “nationality is defined by the color of one’s skin,” though this belief is held by a small fringe of Americans. More than often, “white nationalism” is misconceived because “white” can mean a lot of different things. You can be in a group of only white people but have people from all over the world in said group. Furthermore, no “white” nation exists, there is no “white” language or cultural inheritance or religion. So can “white” really be considered a nation?

If the nation of America is not a race, then what is it? Many argue that it is an idea, “the idea that all men are created equal, for example, or that the powers of government derive from consent, as suggested in the Declaration of Independence,” says TIME Magazine.

TIME believes the USA needs American Nationalism, the form of nationalism where you believe that “your people is my people,” where we as a nation stand together to seek the best solution for the problems of our country, where we, as many, stand as one. According to them, “American nationalists used to think of their nation in just this way: Neither as a race, nor as an abstract “idea” — but rather as a diversity of tribes sharing a heritage and a mutual loyalty born of a joint history.”

No matter type of nationalist Trump, is this what America needs right now?  Read about the recent Trump rally here and read about nationalism here.

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President Trump declared himself a “nationalist” during a rally in Texas. Is Nationalism something America needs right now?

88% Yes, was obvious
12% No, didn't need to
85% Yes, was obvious
15% No, didn't need to
93% Yes, was obvious
7% No, didn't need to

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No, didn’t need to

Nationalism, The Great Divide

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