Trump Urges Donations for His Own Great Wall of China

Trump is asking Republicans for donations to his re-election campaign to help him build the border wall. Do you think the wall will ever be built?

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The Great Wall of China was built to protect its borders from enemies and invaders. Rome’s Aurelian Wall was constructed with the purpose to protect the land against attacks. Now centuries later, President Trump is asking Republicans for funding to build his own wall, according to the Huffington Post.

Back in June of 2015, Trump promised that he would build a wall like the Great Wall of China along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. He later noted that 1,000 miles of wall was good enough, also claiming that Mexico would pocket out on all of it.

Now, three years later, not a single yard of the promised border wall stands. Yet now, Trump is calling on Republicans to help him with the donations to his re-election campaign.

Trump wrote, “I need you to take immediate action and sign our petition urging Congress to pass this bill to FULLY fund our border wall.” He urged every American to participate in the petition and add their names, stressing, “Yours cannot be missing.”

With that in mind, those who add their name, ZIP code and email address to the petition, are then taken page that solicits donations on behalf of the president’s campaign and the Republican National Committee.

“It’s not so much that Trump wants the wall as he wants this as a campaign issue,” noted Stan Collender, a former longtime budget committee staffer on Capitol Hill, in response.

Another comment was made by John Weaver, a Republican consultant who ran Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign in 2016 in which he joked saying, “I thought he said we’re already building a great, beautiful wall…I’m so confused.”

It’s no secret that throughout the summer and fall months, Trump has been falsely stating that Congress has already approved 3.2 billion for his wall. However, the president didn’t elaborate that the funding was dedicated to restoring existing fencing or building new fencing along the border with Mexico. Moreover, the legislation explicitly prohibits building any type of construction that was not already in use last year.

Though no progress has been made on the envisioned wall, Trump is now determined more than before to get it done. He’s saying that he will fight Congress to get the wall up after midterm elections, and even threatening to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t comply to his demands.

Collender isn’t sure how that would work as Democrats are most likely going to be increasing in numbers in the House. It’s also important to note that Trump hasn’t had any success getting his wall even with the House and Senate under Republican control. He reveals that, “Congress has repeatedly refused to fund the wall. They keep telling him we’ll do it next time.”

Will Trump ever get to build his wall is the real question. Requests have been made by Trump urging Republicans for donations to his re-election campaign, in efforts to aid him in building the border wall. Do you think the wall will ever be built? Read more about the story on Huffington Post here.

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Trump is asking Republicans for donations to his re-election campaign to help him build the border wall. Do you think the wall will ever be built?

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