Years of No Cowboys No. 1 Receiver

Jerry Jones says the Cowboys haven’t had a No. 1 receiver in years. Would you agree?

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What’s a ranch without its top cowboys? And what’s a team without its No. 1 receiver?

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, claims that his team hasn’t had a No. 1 receiver for more than just the 2018 campaign. He said that it’s been going back to the past few seasons, according to USA today.

Jones recently appeared on 105.3 The Fan for his weekly radio talk. The Cowboys’ lack of an elite pass catcher was on the table. Jones noted that it “hasn’t been our case here for several years now. Not a true No. 1 [receiver]. My definition of a No. 1 receiver? It is [Atlanta Falcons receiver] Julio Jones, [Houston Texans receiver] DeAndre [Hopkins]. There are not a lot of those guys around the NFL.”

After Dallas’ 19-16 overtime loss to the Houston Texans, Jones revealed that he would like to have his main No. receivers and that, “you have to get those when the opportunities are there.”

Dez Bryant, a free agent wide receiver, took to Twitter to respond to Jones’ comment, revealing that as a Cowboy, he was never given the status of being No. 1 within the team’s scheme.

Bryant was released by the team six months ago after his eight-year run with the organization. He tweeted admitting the owner had a point, stressing that, “As a receiver playing for the Dallas Cowboys your mind have to be right because you will never see targets like Ab OBJ D Hop none of those guys..I was never schemed into things I made things happened through out my career I’m mr 73.. they had J Witten as our #1 so Jerry is right.”

During his eight years with the Cowboys, the wide receiver was a three-time Pro Bowler but hasn’t posted a 1,000-yard season since 2014.

Although the team lacks a clear top receiver, Jones highlighted the fact that the Cowboys still have “a number of receivers, and each one brings something to the table for us.”

Ranking 30th in passing offense, Dallas has just 172 yards per game.

Would you agree with owner Jerry Jones that the Dallas Cowboys haven’t had a No. 1 receiver in years? Read more about this story on USA Today here.

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Jerry Jones says the Cowboys haven’t had a No. 1 receiver in years. Would you agree?

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