New iPhone Camera Automatically Smooths Skin in Selfies

New iPhone Camera Automatically Smooths Skin in Selfies

People are saying that the new iPhone cameras are automatically softening and smoothing skin. Do you love or hate this?

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Beauty filters and skin smoothing and softening features have effortlessly infiltrated the social media world of selfies. And now, with the release of more new iPhones, the XS and the XS Max, users have been noticing something suspicious in the way their selfies have been coming out, according to the NY Post.

On social media, users have shared their thoughts about the fact that their front camera pictures have been seemingly too good and maybe even too perfect. They believe that the new lens might be automatically softening and smoothing skin. However, experts think that it could be due to the camera’s new computational photography features.

It’s not clear what it really is because Apple was not immediately available to comment on the growing controversy claims. The issue has blown up across all beloved platforms, such as Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter, dubbing it #beautygate.

Redditor by the username “chemicalsam,” has claimed that, “This is not acceptable,” and that the iPhone XS is applying the skin smoothing/beauty filter on the front-facing camera, without any giving you a heads up or offering an on/off function. It’s almost as if the iPhone wants you to believe that you are really that good looking. Could this be a new undercover experiment that Apple is trying out? Perhaps something about self-love? We don’t really know.

Another user shared their feelings about it as well saying that, “the front camera photos are heavily smoothed,” and that it looks bad.

Lewis Hilsenteger, a YouTube tech vlogger, also addressed the problem in one of his videos, revealing that he honestly thinks it looks like the camera is in beauty mode and just like makeup.

On the other hand, experts are reporting that the “smoothing” effect is just the front camera making a composite of multiple images rather than a single “snap” of a shutter.

In more technical terms, Sebastiaan de With, the developer of the photo app Halide, revealed that the iPhone XS camera relies on faster shutter speeds to create its photos. This means that each individual photo capture takes in less light. And to compensate, the camera’s sensitivity is amplified. He also states that in doing so, “noise starts to appear in the photo,” and Apple’s noise-removal process is simply trying to compensate. According to Halide, “An iPhone XS will over- and underexpose the shot, get fast shots to freeze motion and retain sharpness across the frame and grab every best part of all these frames to create one image.” In simpler terms, the camera is so powerful that you can’t lose detail due to mixed lights or contrasts.

And even though many of the users who have voiced their opinion on the new iPhone camera are dissatisfied, some consumers are embracing the new lens and the photos it produces. Some are even using it to crack jokes.

One Redditor laughed about it saying, “It was the first time I accidentally opened up the front camera and wasn’t scared by what I saw. That’s when I knew something was different.” While another added, “Huh, no wonder why I liked that selfie I took the other day.”

Apparently, the new iPhone XS and the XS Max cameras are suspiciously smoothing skin. How do you feel about this? Read more about this story on the NY Post here.

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People are saying that the new iPhone cameras are automatically softening and smoothing skin. Do you love or hate this?

48% Hate #beautygate
52% Love, I look great
51% Hate #beautygate
49% Love, I look great
43% Hate #beautygate
57% Love, I look great

Hate #beautygate

Love, I look great

New iPhone Camera Automatically Smooths Skin in Selfies

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