Nancy Pelosi Urges Democrats to Avoid News Frenzy

Is Nancy Pelosi right? She’s urging Democrats to stop getting distracted by the news.

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Midterm elections are coming up and House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has an important reminder. She wants to keep the more important issues on the table.

With all the news today constantly pouring out from various sources, it can get overwhelming and even distracting. So therefore, Pelosi is urging her caucus to think of the grander questions and matters that voters care about, according to The Atlantic.

One of those issues is healthcare costs. In a recent CNN interview, Pelosi revealed that it’s a major issue and that, “it’s tied to what the president and Republicans did on the tax bill.” Amid the hectic news cycle buzzing about now Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, Pelosi claimed that other things matter more to people. Prescription-drug costs and the number on paychecks, “are more important to people than who’s on the Supreme Court.”

The House Democrats are holding a plus-six lead over Republicans on the generic ballot. Although Pelosi anticipates their success in the elections, she thinks it is too far ahead to be thinking about it right now.

During the interview, Nancy Pelosi was asked about the news by Dana Bash, despite her message about focusing on other matters. The question went along the lines of how she might handle the potential outcomes of Kavanaugh’s nomination if she were speaker in the next Congress. To that, Pelosi replied that they need to take it one day at a time, and that the House should “not [be] about impeachment,” and added members should seek ways to unify instead of divide.

Although it’s easy to get lost in a constant whirlwind of newscasts today, some people are avid news followers and enjoy the way it all unravels, still considering the pending matters.

Nancy Pelosi is calling on Democrats to stop getting sidetracked by the news. Do you think she has a point? Read more about this story on The Atlantic here.

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Is Nancy Pelosi right? She’s urging Democrats to stop getting distracted by the news.

44% Yes- so right
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47% Yes- so right
53% No- it all matters
39% Yes- so right
61% No- it all matters

Yes- so right

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