Welcome New Friends Dining with OpenSeat

Welcome New Friends Dining with OpenSeat

Would you use a dinner reservation site like OpenTable’s ‘OpenSeat,’ to avoid dining alone or meet new people?

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People either love eating alone or hate it. For the latter, Virginia is on a mission with a resolution.

Enter, OpenSeat, a program which allows diners to share an open seat at their table with a stranger. The restaurant reservations website, OpenTable, has partnered with Virginia Tourism to launch the new program according to Food & Wine. Through the site, solo diners will be paired with other solo diners who are interested in meeting someone new. In addition, the website notes that groups of any size can participate.

The process to request an open seat is easy. First, you make a reservation on OpenTable at a participating restaurant and write “OpenSeat” in the notes section. Then, if another party has also put “OpenSeat” in the notes section too, you will be seated at the same table. A fun perk for those diners who participate in this program is a free complimentary appetizer.

There are currently more than 30 restaurants participating in the state. Some of Virginia’s best restaurants are on the list, including Mermaid Winery in Norfolk, Little Saint in Richmond, and RockSalt in Charlottesville and other contemporary eateries.

Caroline Potter, OpenTable’s Chief Dining Officer, believes that William Butler Yeats’ quote, “There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t met yet,” goes hand in hand with the OpenSeat dining experience.

It’s clear that this program isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. OpenTable has a convenient option for those who instead prefer some quiet alone time with their own thoughts or with a book in hand as well. The website allows anyone to book a seat in advance.

However, for those extroverted souls that are intrigued by the experience, the OpenSeat program is “a chance for you to prove that Virginia is for Food Lovers and meet a new friend in the process,” reveals the website.

Is OpenTable’s dining with a new friend service something you would be up for? Read more about this story on Food & Wine here.

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Would you use a dinner reservation site like OpenTable’s ‘OpenSeat,’ to avoid dining alone or meet new people?

32% Great idea
68% Sounds terrible
33% Great idea
67% Sounds terrible
27% Great idea
73% Sounds terrible

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Welcome New Friends Dining with OpenSeat

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