Guac and Roll at this All Avocado Restaurant

Guac and Roll at this All Avocado Restaurant

A restaurant in London only serves avocado dishes. Does this sound like something worth traveling for?

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Avocados on avocados on avocados. Can you handle that?

A London-based restaurant called the Avobar serves avocados all day long. It’s the city’s first all-avo casual-dining concept. And get this, it’s inspired by Californian-style plates. Californians should be proud.

The restaurant gets 300 ripe avocados delivered right to its kitchen daily, according to Insider. Whoa! That’s why all the dishes look and taste fresh every day. Because we all know what happens to an avocado when it’s been left untouched for too long – it’s not pretty.

On the Avobar website, it says that the bar sets high standards when it comes to the food, ensuring that the avocados are sourced ethically & sustainably. Moreover, the bar’s avo supplier partners with growers and farmers from all over the world, bringing fresh avocados all year round, without undercutting the farmer.

Avobar’s menu is just as fresh as their avocados. The website reveals that the menu is constantly changing, and the bar is always discovering new recipes. Not to mention, the restaurant offers lots of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy free options.

The standout dish on the menu is of course the Avo Bun Buger. The coolest part about it is that the bun is made of avocados and the patty is a combination of sweet potato and red lentils. This plant-based dish is vegan, gluten and dairy free.

The co-founder of the Avobar, Liana Kazaryan, reveals that that the best part about eating the green, nutritious fruit, is that a meal of avocados is very light and never feels heavy in your stomach.

The cool avocado dishes go along well with the laid-back Californian atmosphere the restaurant has to offer. It’s a simple, airy space with lots of plants. How fitting.

Avobar is located right in the heart of London on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden.

An all avocado restaurant in London serves fresh avos all day, every day. Is this Avobar on your “to go to” list? Watch more about this story on Insider here.

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A restaurant in London only serves avocado dishes. Does this sound like something worth traveling for?

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