In or Out for Clayton Kershaw?

Clayton Kershaw can opt out of the final two years and $70M remaining on his contract after the season. What do you think he’ll do?

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Clayton Kershaw is arguably one of the best players in the Dodgers franchise and a key component in the Dodgers’ success. With such a valuable player able to opt out of his contract, fans and Dodgers managers hold their breath to see what Kershaw decides. With an offseason approaching, Kershaw can opt out of the final two years and $70 million remaining on his contract after this season.

Since first drafted in 2006, Clayton Kershaw has astounded audiences and baseball players alike. According to Baseball-Reference, he has been awarded with MVP, Triple Crown, Gold Glove, Major League Player of the Year, Cy Young Award (3x) and ERA Pitching Championship Title (5x). With the approaching World Series, the Dodgers managers are banking on one of their best players to be there.

According to CBS Sports, Andrew Friedman, Dodgers’ president of baseball operations, states: “The relationship, the communication is really strong. (Kershaw) talked about this in spring training: The conversations that will be had will be private. His mindset and focus is on going out and helping us win a World Series. Obviously, we have a good relationship with (Kershaw’s agent) Casey Close as well. I think it’s something that from both sides’ perspective, we hope-slash-expect to work together for a long time and win a lot of championships together.”

Even with the strong assurance from Friedman, will the Dodgers be willing to pay more for one of their favorite players? Kershaw will most likely name his price in line with other players such as Max Scherzer (seven-year, $210 million), David Price (seven-year, $217 million) and former teammate Zack Greinke (six-year, $206.5 million).

The Dodgers may be able to but not necessarily be willing to pay Kershaw’s salary. His stats this season were: 2.45 ERA, 158 ERA+, 145 strikeouts in 24 starts, 150 1/3 innings and 5.18 K/BB. Despite being great statistics for the average player, these scores were Kershaw’s lowest in years. In addition to his lower scores, this is the third straight season where Kershaw has had back problems, which are not easily fixed.

Despite this season’s lower stats and his injuries, Clayton Kershaw is still and will always be in demand. If he were to enter the open market, a free agent bidding war would probably ensue.

Will Kershaw opt-out of his Dodgers contract or will he extend it? Clayton Kershaw’s skill and reputation make him an essential player to any team and give him the upper hand in the negotiations. The only question is, “What does Kershaw want to do?” Read the full story from CBS Sports here.

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Clayton Kershaw can opt out of the final two years and $70M remaining on his contract after the season. What do you think he’ll do?

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