Kavanaugh vs. Ford: Testimonies

Whose testimony was more convincing in the senate hearings?

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Brett Kavanaugh was nominated In July to replace Anthony Kennedy for the Supreme Court of The United States by President Trump. From the start of the Supreme Court nominee confirmation hearing, many protests erupted, including several high-profile celebrities.

The hearing took a sudden turn as two women allege that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them. The first woman to come forward was Christine Blasey Ford, an American Professor of psychology at Palo Alto University and a research psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, who accused the federal judge of sexual misconduct while both were in high school.

The old saying “be careful because your past comes back to haunt you,” turned out to be the case for Kavanaugh, if the allegations are in fact true.

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and a woman accusing him of sexual assault when they were teenagers, Christine Blasey Ford, adjourned after more than eight hours, according to the Chicago tribune.

According to CNBC, Ford was first to testify on Thursday, where she stated that she been terrified to come forward but felt it was her civic duty to do so. She claims Kavanaugh pinned her against a bed when they were in high school, grinded against her and tried to take off her clothes. She said she considers it attempted rape. She shared she tried to scream for help, but he placed his hand over her mouth, and she was terrified that he was going to kill her.

Ford had been criticized for not remembering the precise date of her alleged assault, but frequently talked about her experience in clinical terms to describe how her memories were formed and retained over decades. She often discussed the “neurobiological effects of trauma.” Regarding her possibly accusing the wrong man, she said she is certain it’s him. She said she attended four or five parties where Kavanaugh was present and experienced no other incidents of sexually inappropriate behavior at those events.

Ford claims she doesn’t know how her letter detailing the alleged assault became public, and states she has no political motive for coming forward. Sen. Christopher Coons noted that Blasey Ford came forward when he was on the shortlist and not yet a nominee for Supreme Court. Throughout her testimony, she gets emotional as she is called a hero for coming forward and stated that she was never coached on how to take the polygraph test, which she passed.

Shortly after Blasey Ford finished with her testimony, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh addressed lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday to deny any allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman decade ago at a high school gathering in Maryland, according to CNBC.

Kavanaugh says he is innocent and has never done anything similar to what she is alleging, to her or anyone else as he became emotional in his testimony. He told the committee “my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false accusations.” He says there has been a frenzy since his nomination in July to block his nomination, as he went on to read comments made about his nomination and those who supported him.

Some have stated Kavanaugh’s testimony showed his dark side as he got defensive and angry as he was answering question from lawmakers. However, Blasey Ford’s testimony could also be questioned. All in all, it was a he said, she said case, with no factual evidence from both sides.

On the other hand, more women have joined together, including high profile celebrities to support Christine Blasey Ford’s claims against the Supreme Court nominee. Some claim her professional title credits her as an honest person, making her a reliable source.

Trump is backing Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, calling the judge’s testimony during a Senate hearing “powerful, honest, and riveting.” Trump is declaring, “The Senate must vote!” The Senate is stated to vote on whether he will be confirmed as the 116th Supreme Court Justice.

Read the full story on CNBC here.

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Kavanaugh vs. Ford: Testimonies

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