To Impose Term Limits on the Supreme Court or Not

To Impose Term Limits on the Supreme Court or Not

Does the Supreme Court need term limits?

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In case you didn’t know, anyone elected to the Supreme Court serves lifetime appointments; this means about 30 or more years. The United Sates is the only country in the world that does this, and some are opposed to the idea.

Lee Drutman of Vox thinks that there should be term limits for Supreme Court justices. “The idea of term limits for Supreme Court justices has been floating around for decades. But the increasingly contentious nature of the confirmation process should give this proposal new urgency,” Drutman explained.

However, a California attorney, Matthew Stanford thinks lifetime appointments should be here to stay. “Term limits won’t depoliticize the selection process – it won’t prevent either party from using its preferred litmus tests for identifying potential justices,” Stanford said.

Drutman argued that longer terms mean justices lose touch with the outside world, but Stanford thinks term limits would “do little” to bridge the gap that makes the court seem so “otherworldly.”

Mike Huckabee, a Republican former presidential candidate is also in favor of term limits. “Nobody should be in an unelected position for life. If the president who appoints them can only serve eight years, the person they appoint should never serve 40,” Huckabee explained.

Stanford suggests that instead of term limits, there should be an age restriction on who can be elected to be a Supreme Court justice. “If providing a counterbalance to longer life expectancies is the core rationale for term limits, a minimum age – perhaps 60 or 65 years old – could accomplish this without the unintended consequences that term limits threaten,” Stanford suggested.

If there were term limits for Supreme Court Justices, this would mean 10,12, or 18-year terms which, Drutman argues, would mean “everyone in Washington would know they’d have another opportunity to change the Court again soon.” Stanford believes that “It’s likely that term limits would not prevent the politically motivated justices from retiring during a favored administration, even by cutting their own terms short.”

Are you for term limits or against them? Read more about term limits on Business Insider here.

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Does the Supreme Court need term limits?

34% Yes – Unfair system
66% No – System works
32% Yes – Unfair system
68% No – System works
39% Yes – Unfair system
61% No – System works

Yes – Unfair system

No – System works

To Impose Term Limits on the Supreme Court or Not

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