The Benefits of Using A Travel Agent

The Benefits of Using A Travel Agent

Do you prefer to book your own travel online or to use a travel agent?

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With the convenience of the internet, we often enjoy doing everything ourselves. Booking websites are multiplying, with so many offering hotels, cars, flights, cruises  and more. Anything we need to do is just a click away. But is this really the most convenient option? Here’s why you might want to give a travel agent a call next time to you are planning a vacation, according to Merit Travel.

Truth About Travel Agent Commission
Don’t be scared of extra charges by booking with a travel agent. Travel agents do work on commission aside from their base pay, and some only commission, but the expense doesn’t come from your wallet. The company you choose to travel with, will be the one who pays your travel agent that commission they deserve, and it will not increase your costs. Regardless if you book your flight straight from an airline or through a travel agent, you are going to pay the same. When you buy it through a travel agent, the airline pays the travel agent a percentage of the sale – the commission – to thank them for the sale. You even have the chance to look up the flight costs and see for yourself.

Booking Fees
While all travel agencies have different policies, some do initially remove those booking fees. A lot of people take advantage of a travel agent’s time and expertise by asking them to plan an entire trip, only to go home and book it online themselves. Unfortunately, this leaves the travel agent with no payout for all the time they have put in, therefore, booking fees have been put in place to protect their time. Plus, let’s not forget that most booking websites like Priceline and Expedia also offer booking fees, and those fees are not removed once you book with them.

Save Money with a Travel Agent
In some cases, you can save money booking with a travel agent. Most travel suppliers have special partnerships with certain travel agent groups, which gives customers an exclusive discount when you book with that travel agency. You cannot always find those discounts online, giving you reason to book with a travel agent for those deep discounts you can’t always find online.

Perks and Upgrades
If you book with a travel agent, you can let them know if you are planning something special and they can advise the company you are travel with to do something special for you. The travel agent may also be able to pull strings to get you a room with a spectacular view or flight upgrade. If you are a loyal client, or booking multiple elements for your trip, they may more likely work to offer you some perks and upgrades, although this may not always happen.

They Got Your Back
Travel agents are the first to know about travel visa requirements and booking tricks. Things often happen that are out of your hands, such as cancelled flights, and when you book with a trusted agent, they have you covered. Cancelled flights can also mean booking another flight and paying a higher price, but there is no need to worry when you have a travel agent by your side.  They also have your back and will fight for you. It’s always nice to have someone on your corner.

When to Not Use One
The only time you shouldn’t book with a travel agent is when you are using points for your trip. Although, some travel agencies do have contracts to book RBC points or Air Miles, so it is advised you ask the agent you are planning on using.

Aside from these tips, Amber from A Blissful Wander, says that the number one reason to book through an agent is their wealth of knowledge and experience. It is a travel agents’ job to find a trip that suits your wants and needs. They use many companies and can report back on their experiences and advise you if they are any good, or if they are just what you are looking for. Amber also advises that you find a trusted agent you can relate to by searching online or calling a travel agency. She also advises finding someone who has traveled to the same country or destination you plan on traveling to.

Next time you’re thinking it’s time for a vacation, why not give a travel agent a chance, and let them plan your next get away. Read more about this story on Merit Travel here.

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Do you prefer to book your own travel online or to use a travel agent?

16% Agent- they’re pros
84% Myself- easier/faster
16% Agent- they’re pros
84% Myself- easier/faster
18% Agent- they’re pros
82% Myself- easier/faster

Agent- they’re pros

Myself- easier/faster

The Benefits of Using A Travel Agent

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