Facebook Has Entered the Dating App Game

Facebook Has Entered the Dating App Game

Facebook Dating has released a glimpse of what the app looks like, which users will have to opt-in to use. Would you use this?

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Over 200 million people have put a checkmark by single in their relationship status on Facebook. True to its roots, Facebook is once again digging deeper into its capabilities with new ways to connect people. But this time, FB is taking its luck in the game of love, just like the line in Santana’s song goes, “Love is whatever you make it to be.”

If you haven’t heard yet, the worldwide popular social media platform announced the launch of Facebook Dating four months ago, according to Cosmopolitan and now some users have gotten a glimpse of it. The service is a dating app built within the app. So technically it’s not really an app, but simply a tab within the existing FB app. According to a source, the service was recently launched to a test audience in Colombia.

Users who are interested in the dating service can easily set up a separate Facebook Dating profile, in addition to their regular Facebook profile. It’s important to note that the profile is only visible to Dating users, so therefore no need to worry about friends or family members having access to information and photos meant for possible love interests. Facebook also reveals that the activity on Facebook Dating won’t show up on your News Feed, or elsewhere on the app.

What’s to expect from this new service? Well, unlike Tinder and Bumble, there won’t be any swiping left or right. Instead, users will have to answer question prompts to get conversations rolling. Because we all know how quickly a conversation can die in the dating app world.

Something else to note about FB’s new service is that all the information that the site knows about you already will be used to the best advantage. So, things that you have already liked on Facebook will relate to the kinds of matches the dating service will suggest.

Dating users will have opportunities to opt-in if they want to see if any other users are going to certain events they’re marked as attending or belong to groups they join. Facebook ultimately wants to get more people to meet IRL than on the actual Dating service, which is somewhat refreshing in the world of dating apps.

There are screenshots of what the app will look like once it is released to users outside of Colombia. Would you give this service a go? Read more about this story on Cosmopolitan here.

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Facebook Dating has released a glimpse of what the app looks like, which users will have to opt-in to use. Would you use this?

17% Sure, seems legit
83% Not into dating apps
19% Sure, seems legit
81% Not into dating apps
12% Sure, seems legit
88% Not into dating apps

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Facebook Has Entered the Dating App Game

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