The Positive and Negative Effects of White House’s ‘Anonymous’ Being Revealed

Would it be better for President Trump if “anonymous” were to stay in the administration instead of coming out publicly like many Democrats have requested?

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The hunt has been on to find “Anonymous,” the senior Trump administration official who recently published an op-ed article in the New York Times. Democrats have been making a case and asking for them to resign from their post and emerge publicly, according to Salon. This is something White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has also previously advised.

President Trump previously said he wanted Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate who wrote the “resistance” op-ed. The urgency for President Trump is that he thinks anonymous poses a national security risk. Trump worries that the official may possess high-level security clearance, to which Trump doesn’t want him in those meetings.

“I think it is national security. I would say Jeff should be investigating who the author of that piece is because I really believe it is national security,” the president told reporters aboard Air Force One.

The only one who knows the identity of “Anonymous” is the New York Times, specifically James Dao, the Op-Ed editor, who stated that they didn’t publish it until after they read it and were confident that they were who they said they were. Trump called the op-ed an act of “treason” and said he was looking into potentially taking legal action against the “Falling New York Times.”

While it may be great to put a face, name and title to Anonymous, would it be smart for their identity to be revealed? If they did come out, just think of all the media attention they would get, and they would be forced to answer questions regarding their claims. The White House and the public could find ways to discredit them. Although, not knowing who they are, also makes you credit their claims. There really is no win to it.

An article published on Salon, makes several justifications on why Anonymous out to stay put and not come forward.

A guessing game for all.  Instead of the media and Trump finding ways to discredit or publicly shame Anonymous, it leaves us all, and primarily Trump with the guessing game. We bet many have been wondering and possibly been looking at tons of coverage trying to figure it out.

Anonymous will remain in the news. Since Trump stepped into office, the news has been flooded with constant news coverage regarding Trump and his administration. We watch as the current stories get replaced with the latest stories to emerge. It’s not the first time we have seen someone who has worked for Trump betray him, but often they recall stories from the past. Anonymous takes it to the next level, because he is the first to betray the president, while still serving in the administration. Anonymous has deep intel, if we choose to believe it is accurate, and may continue to speak out again. The anonymity of Anonymous continues to stay in the news, because it plays out like a mystery thriller novel.

It keeps Trump in check. If there is a quiet resistance within the administration, and if the claims Anonymous make regarding the mental stability of the president are in fact true, then having the resistance helps save the administration from derailing. When you suspect a mole, you are on your best behavior and constantly watching your every move.

While Salon makes great points in their published article, having a mole or resistance within the administration can truly affect national security. Anonymous or anyone else in this supposed resistance, could be leaking or speaking out about things that are meant to be a secret. Anonymous claims are just that, because their claims have not been proven or justified. The claims could possibly be doing harm to our republic. The source may also cause the Trump administration to take security measures, as other recent stories have also done. Publicly giving intel of things occurring within the White House, can be favorable to our enemy.

The truth always finds a way of coming out, so Anonymous may eventually emerge. There are many positive and negatives things that can come from Anonymous coming forward versus staying hidden. Would it be better if Anonymous reveled themselves? Read the full story on Salon here.

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Would it be better for President Trump if “anonymous” were to stay in the administration instead of coming out publicly like many Democrats have requested?

40% Yes- seen as a coward
60% No- destructive to Pres.
38% Yes- seen as a coward
62% No- destructive to Pres.
43% Yes- seen as a coward
57% No- destructive to Pres.

Yes- seen as a coward

No- destructive to Pres.

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