North Korea’s Massive Parade Had No Nuclear Missiles

President Trump scored a win when Pyongyang hosted a massive military parade with no nuclear missiles. Is this a sign of progress? 

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President Trump may truly be accomplishing things no other president in the history ever has. Well, at least when it comes to North Korea. Trump’s great achievement in diplomacy with North Korea went on full display recently when Pyongyang hosted their 70th massive military parade with no nuclear missiles on September 9.

At no point in the anniversary parade did North Korea display any nuclear weapons or nuclear related imagery, instead switching to slogans and parade floats focused on economic growth, according to Business Insider. There were no advanced missile systems to catch anyone’s eye.

As a token of gratitude, Trump thanked Kim for leaving the nuclear missiles parked and called the parade “а big and very positive statement from North Korea.”

Trump has accomplished something no other president has, and something the past administration suspected would bring the two countries at war. He met With North Korean leader Kim Jong Un face to face and agreed at denuclearized back in June. Since then, Trump has maintained and publicized warm relations with Kim Jong Un.

Since the summit, there has been worry that the agreement both signed during the summit was useless. Talks between Trump and Kim have recently stalled, raising more concerns. Trump’s initial goal has been to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons, which he has failed to do.

For Trump, a win alone is celebrated when North Korea says nice things about him and continues not to test nuclear devices and missiles. He has even gloated on his accomplishments and referred to a warning given to him by former President Barack Obama about North Korea, in which Obama stated that North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. “No longer – sleep well tonight!” Trump tweeted after meeting Kim in Singapore.

The decision to not include the missiles came days after Kim expressed faith in Trump’s efforts to settle a nuclear impasse between the two countries, according to South Korean officials who met with the North Korean leaders.

The head of North Korea’s parliament Kim Yong Nam stressed in an opening speech that Pyongyang has achieved military power and that the country’s new focus would be on economic development, according to NBC News. Nam also called on the military to be ready to work to help the economy. Kim did not speak at the event.

Has North Korea fully changed for the better? The country is urging workers in the capital to use science, technology, innovation and economic growth, which they define as the true “win.” In addition, floats and displays of teachers, hospital staff and students were present. One displayed showed a map of a unified Korea with the dates of the three joint declarations the North has made with South Korea, according to NBC.

Is North Korea really working on a better way to economically prosper, or do they have something under their belt? It’s a big step up from last year’s parade, where North Korea displayed its long-range missiles for the world to see, unnerving the White House and prompting a fiery exchange of insults from both sides, leaving many fearing war.

While both the U.S and North Korea are still insisting on different starting points, the parade was a rare step up. Pyongyang wants its security guaranteed and a peace agreement formally ending the Korean War, which Trump rejects until Kim commits to denuclearization first. While both countries hash it out, can we consider this a step up from North Korea? Read the full story on Business Insider here.

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President Trump scored a win when Pyongyang hosted a massive military parade with no nuclear missiles. Is this a sign of progress?

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