A Tax on Plastic Packaging May Be Coming

A Tax on Plastic Packaging May Be Coming

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There was a recent poll in favor of a tax on all plastic packaging of food products. Would you accept a plastic packaging tax considering plastic pollution is a large problem?

Plastic straws became the biggest villain of 2018. The idea to eliminate or minimize the use of plastic straws became a movement that led to major chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks to join in. The anti-straw movement has spread across America, from New York City to the entire European Union.

While the global movement has been a success, scientists pointed out that straws may not be the biggest villain for Ocean pollution, according to an article posted earlier this year from the Associated Press. The article stated that plastic straws only amount to about 4 percent of the plastic trash that is found in oceans and along coastlines, and less than 0.025 percent of this type of population by weight. We are not going to solve the problem by banning straws,” according to oceanographer Kara Lavendar Law, who co-authored a study for the journal Science that determined these numbers, told the AP.

The findings aren’t enough for about a third of Americans, who are willing to go further and put their money where their beliefs are, according to an article on Food and Wine. A survey commissioned by the PR firm Ingredient Communications, found that 33 percent of the people they polled in the U.S. were in favor of a tax on all plastic packaging of food products, the article stated.

“There is high demand for food manufacturers to use more plastic-free packaging, and for supermarkets to introduce plastic-free features into their stores,” Richard Clarke of Ingredient Communication was quoted as saying by DairyReporter.

Clarke goes on to add that plastic packaging is more beneficial because it has benefits that are often overlooked. “The benefits of plastic packaging for food and beverage product are often overlooked. It helps protect goods from damage, extends shelf life, and creates a brand identity, which influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. A key challenge for manufacturers and retailers is to find alternatives to plastic packaging that maintain these benefits for the supply chain and consumers,” Clark adds.

The same study also found that 52 percent of British respondents supported the idea of a plastic packaging tax. This could be because the U.K., has already seen the success from plastic taxes, after the Brits enacted the nationwide tax on plastic bags in 2015, the use dropped by over 80 percent. While the willingness to tax plastics was higher in the United Kingdom, would it have the same impact in the U.S.?

How big of a problem is plastic pollution? Scientists are saying one thing and activists and are saying another. We could possibly see a vote to tax plastic packaging on our ballots one day. We have seen plastic bags and taxes on soda go into effect because of votes from ballots, is plastic packaging next? How would you vote on your ballot? Perhaps, it is time to start thinking about it, since the war on plastic straws doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Read more about this story on Food and Wine here.

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There was a recent poll in favor of a tax on all plastic packaging of food products. Would you accept a plastic packaging tax considering plastic pollution is a large problem?

41% Y – Limit plastic
59% N – Need it
39% Y – Limit plastic
61% N – Need it
46% Y – Limit plastic
54% N – Need it

Y – Limit plastic

N – Need it

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