Mission Impossible: Uncovering the Anonymous Op-Ed Author

Do you support President Trump‘s mission on finding who wrote the ‘resistance’ piece for the New York Times undermining his administration?

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On September 5, an anonymous op-ed describing the problems with Trump’s presidency was published by the New York Times, submitted by a member of his own administration. Titled “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” the letter states that Trump “shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets and free people.” Trump’s leadership, decisions and character are criticized throughout the letter, but the most surprising fact is the apparent turmoil within his office.

The author writes, “Many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.” While the letter does hint at impeachment when the author mentions the early whispers of “invoking the 25th Amendment,” it ultimately states that removing the commander in chief would only “precipitate a constitutional crisis.” The letter reveals a lot about the innerworkings and feelings of the president’s cabinet causing not only causing public concern but also the president’s paranoia. Trump announced on September 7th that he wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to find the author of the resistance article. However, should hunting down the author take priority over other national issues?

With this blatant affront from someone on his own team, it is not surprising that President Trump is upset. According to the New York Post, hours after the article was posted, Trump posted a Fox News video of him ripping a copy of the New York Times and tweeted shortly after, “TREASON?” Trump called for Attorney General Sessions and the rest of the Justice Department to take action, claiming the letter was an issue of “national security.” Despite Trump’s request for Sessions’ help, the Justice Department has not made any immediate comments on finding the culprit. According to the Washington Post, the Justice Department does not have the legal grounds to hunt the author, “unless the person was a member of the military, who are forbidden to undermine or defame the commander in chief.”

The article has also caused a witch hunt within the cabinet. The Washington Post reports that White House members “continue to rush out public denials of some allegations and eschew ownership of the op-ed.” U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley wrote her own response to the anonymous op-ed, “When I challenge the president, I do it directly. My anonymous colleague should have, too.” In her own op-ed to the Washington Post, she argues against the method in which her colleague went about criticizing the President, stating that the author’s action is “very dangerous” and “taking this course sows mistrust among the thousands of government workers who do their jobs honestly every day.”

The president’s preoccupation with the letter further deepens his conflict with the press. The New York Post quotes that Trump is looking into potential legal action against the “Failing New York Times.”

Although the article has caused the President, the Cabinet and the public to question the state of the country, should the White House and press be more focused on other national concerns? The Washington Post argues that the press’ obsession with the op-ed has already overshadowed the economic success of the country (the Labor Department reported August as the 95th straight month that the U.S. economy added jobs); the potential trade war with China (Trump stating that he was poised to implement tariffs on an additional $267 billion of Chinese goods); and Trump’s upcoming campaign schedule in attempt to maintain GOP control of Congress.

Despite the letter, the president claims he trusts his cabinet and denies the White House chaos. In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Trump states, “So they take one person out of thousands… We have a lot of love in the administration. The White House is truly, as you would say, a well-oiled machine. It is working so well.”

Do you believe finding the author of the ‘resistance’ piece should be a priority? Read the full story from New York Post here.

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Do you support President Trump‘s mission on finding who wrote the ‘resistance’ piece for the New York Times undermining his administration?

85% Yes- treasonous
15% No- it’s a distraction
86% Yes- treasonous
14% No- it’s a distraction
82% Yes- treasonous
18% No- it’s a distraction

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