Queen Elizabeth Supports Meghan Markle Amid Family Drama

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth has been very supportive and has only sympathy for Duchess Meghan and the drama with her father. Are you buying this?

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Having your family drama unfold publicly sounds like a nightmare for anyone. Luckily, many have shown support for Meghan Markle throughout it all, but she has one person in her corner that many might be surprised at. The drama that has transpired publicly has brought Queen Elizabeth ll and Meghan closer than ever. A source close to Markle claims she is absolutely heartbroken by the drama with her father, according to Us Weekly.

“There’s no way she can have a relationship with him or even reach out to him to stop him from speaking. She knows he’ll record the conversation and sell it. She has high anxiety wondering if this will go on forever,” the source said.

The source also reveals that contrary to what many have previously reported, the Queen is supportive of the Duchess, and has only sympathy for her because she knows it is all out of her hands.

“What may surprise some is just how supportive Her Majesty has been during the problems Meghan has faced with her family,” a Buckingham Palace insider shares. “Meghan is in a tough place, and the queen knows it’s completely out of Meghan’s hands. She has only sympathy for what’s been a difficult and distressing situation for her.”

Good things often come out of bad situations and in this case, it has created a loyalty between the Queen and Markle. Beyond the sympathy and loyalty, the Queen has full admiration for Markle, who joined the House of Windsor when she married Prince Harry in May. The American born actress and activist has won over the Queen. The source says that while they both come from different backgrounds and generations, there’s a real and loving fondness between them.

It should come as no surprise, since Prince Harry requested a sit-down with his grandmother when he knew Megan was the one. Another source even revealed that he made sure every family member knew that the Queen supported his relationship with her and that they made her feel welcomed and supported. The Queen needed no convincing, because she was mesmerized as how intelligent, polite and keen Meghan is, according to the insider. Furthermore, they both share the same sense of humor.

The queen’s infamous bitter relationship with Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, leaves many surprised and happy to know that she and Markle have an amazing bond. As Markle’s family drama keeps evolving, we can only hope the source’s claims are true. Read the full story from US Weekly here.

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Apparently, Queen Elizabeth has been very supportive and has only sympathy for Duchess Meghan and the drama with her father. Are you buying this?

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