Trumps Breaks A Promise to Raise Pay for Federal Employees

Trump stopped a promised pay raise for federal employees in 2019 but congress can overrule him. Do you think they should?

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The upcoming pay raise for civilian federal workers is not President Trump’s cup of tea.

According to CNN, the President told lawmakers that the nation’s budget just couldn’t support it. Trump sent out a letter to the House and Senate leaders, noting that the pay increase is “inappropriate.” He wrote that, “we must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases.”

The pay increase of 2.1% was supposed to take effect in January of 2019. A yearly adjustment of paychecks based on the region of the country where a worker is posted, was also due to take effect. President Trump says both of these should not happen.

Congress can still overrule the President’s decree, resulting in workers still seeing a boost in their pay. That is, if lawmakers pass a spending bill that includes a federal pay raise. This summer, a bill was passed by the Senate including a 1.9% raise for federal workers. A negotiation will be made by the House and Senate on the decision in the approaching weeks.

California is the state with the largest number of federal workers, followed by Virginia, the District of Columbia and Texas. Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio are also on the list, and are states that Trump won in 2016.

Similarly, the President’s 2019 budget proposal included a pay freeze for civilian federal workers. He highlighted it would not alter the federal government’s ability to interest qualified workers, and that the government would focus on “recruiting, retaining and rewarding high-performing Federal employees.”

On the topic of the 2019 locality pay increase, Trump noted in his letter that the boost would average 25.70%, costing the federal government $25 billion. It wasn’t clear whether these adjustments would remain in effect.

However, it’s reported that military personnel will not be affected by Trump’s edict. The US troops are due a 2.6% pay increase next year. It came as part of an enormous $716 billion defense spending bill that the President signed in August.

Some accusations have been made that Trump is overlooking the federal deficit. And according to a government estimate, the tax plan is likely to increase the deficit by $1.4 trillion over 10 years. Read more about this story on CNNhere.

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Trump stopped a promised pay raise for federal employees in 2019 but congress can overrule him. Do you think they should?

14% Yes- can’t revoke now
86% No- it’s fiscally responsible
12% Yes- can’t revoke now
88% No- it’s fiscally responsible
17% Yes- can’t revoke now
83% No- it’s fiscally responsible

Yes- can’t revoke now

No- it’s fiscally responsible

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