Anonymity & Publicity Among White House Officials

Does it worry you that there is dissension among the highest-ranking officials in the White House, or are you happy that this is all coming out? Scroll down to see the results.

The White House may look unified and harmonious from afar, but who truly knows what is really going on behind the walls. The walls that are deeply saturated with rich history, secrets and even mysteries.

There are people talking about the possibility of the “deep state” existing after an anonymous New York op-ed article surfaced. When we think of the deep state, we might believe it consists of the bureaucracy, mysterious intelligence officials, or perhaps even Obama administration holdovers. But according to a source, President Trump’s own senior appointees are the ones part of this network.

The unnamed op-ed New York Times author exposes his profession as “senior official in the Trump administration,” and even admits that there are people, including himself, within and outside the walls of the White House, that are doing everything in their power to “frustrate parts of his agenda” and “thwart” Trump’s “misguided impulses,” during his time in office. The author also believes that what he and his co-conspirators are doing, is rightful and even heroic.

The president himself has brought up the question of treason regarding the writer. It’s unclear, but the oath that was taken, by these appointees, when they raised their right hands and gave pledge to “bear true faith and allegiance” to the U.S. Constitution, now stands for disloyalty. In a world where authority to the officials is given to them by the president, such acts as misplacing documents or refusing to perform his lawful orders, seem unpatriotic.

The job of presidential appointees is to let the president know that something he is doing is wrong. Attempts can be made to dissuade him in making a bad decision. But if nothing is done about it, and appointees feel strongly against it, they have the choice to resign. It seems strange to remain in a position and pretend to go along with something you oppose, working quietly to prevent it. The unnamed author stresses that this is what’s going on, with the help of many senior officials.


An example of this is like how then-economic adviser Gary Cohn, conducted himself. According to Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear, Cohn wanted to stop Trump’s decision in withdrawing from a U.S-South Korea trade agreement, so he took a letter off the president’s desk. He did the same regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement. Both times, he told a colleague and then-staff secretary, Rob Porter about it.

Other ways of resisting serious matters one opposes, exist. They exist so that people don’t have to go out of their way to steal, cheat and disobey the U.S. Constitution. Honor comes to mind and the question remains of whether people should serve the president at all, if they don’t do it honorably. Read this story more in depth on the East Bay Times here.

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Does it worry you that there is dissension among the highest-ranking officials in the White House, or are you happy that this is all coming out?

73% Knowledge is power
27% Very unsettling
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29% Very unsettling
75% Knowledge is power
25% Very unsettling

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