Trump Tweets Fake News Talk About Obama’s Security Clearance

Does it really need to be said? President Trump says he wouldn’t revoke former President Obama’s security clearance. Scroll down to see the results.

When in doubt, turn to Twitter.

Although President Trump is constantly battling it out with the with members of Barack Obama’s administration, the president took to Twitter to reveal that he is not reviewing the national security clearance of Barack Obama. However, Trump stated that he is doing so for other Obama-era officials.

According to a source, Trump reveals that it was in fact a false accusation by a New Yorker article, John Brennan’s Choice to Confront Trump. The author, Adam Entous, states that Trump was going to go out of his way to deny Intelligence Briefings to President Obama. But Trump mentions on Twitter that this step is something he “never discussed or thought of.”

The article goes on to discuss the conflicts between Trump and former CIA Director John Brennan, who has had many accusations regarding the president. Brennan had said that Trump was acting inappropriately on important issues ranging from Russia to criticisms of the former president. The topic of the 2016 election is touched on in the article as well, stating that Brennan believes Trump also schemed with the Russians during that time.

Publicly attacking Obama and even accusing him of bugging the Trump Tower, the president has done so directly. The New Yorker reported that the President’s advisers have thought he should deny Obama access to intelligence briefings. But Trump did not side with the idea, considering the significance of former presidents being in the loop.

It was announced recently by the White House, that the national security clearance had been revoked for Brennan.

On Twitter, President Trump called the New Yorker’s report fake news. Does it really need to be said? 67% of people are sure it needs to be, just to shut it down, while 33% believe it is just stirring up trouble. Read the rest of the story on USA Today here.

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

Does it really need to be said? President Trump says he wouldn’t revoke former President Obama’s security clearance.

67% Yes - Shut it Down
33% No - Stirring Up Trouble
70% Yes, Shut it Down
30% No - Stirring Up Trouble
62% Yes - Shut it Down
38% No - Stirring Up Trouble

Yes – Shut it Down

No – Stirring Up Trouble

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