It happened. Kim Jong Un Agrees to Denuclearize

It happened. Kim Jong Un Agrees to Denuclearize

Can North Korean leader Kim Jong Un be trusted to truly denuclearize his country? Scroll down to see the results.

President Trump did what past presidents have not been able to do. He was able to sit down with the leader of North Korea and get him to agree to denuclearize. How did he do it?

Trump’s plan was to first engage North Korea bilaterally. Then he was courageous enough to meet with Kim Jong Un. He knew that he had to meet and establish a personal relationship, for any possible success. Prior to his meeting, both were in involved in an exchange of heated threats. This led many to doubt the meeting and agreement would ever take place.

A summit usually consists of “a lot of pages and a lot of details,” according to a Fox News contributor. The summit with Kim Jong Un was not conducted like any other summit. After the two leaders attended several meetings throughout the entire day, success was made. The historical agreements between President Trump and Kim Jong Un consisted of a single signed document, that stated Pyongyang would work toward “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

“North Korea has a long history of double dealing,” said Former CIA officer Daniel Hoffman. He also adds that the real success will be how serious North Korea is when it comes to giving up nuclear weapons. President Trump has been careful not reveal the full details on what we know, such as how many nuclear sites they have, in an effort to hide our sources and methods. It is also a form of method to test North Korea’s honesty. For example, if North Korea says they have 27 testing sites, but really it is 30, they are being dishonest and possible double dealing. Building a trust level is crucial.

Hoffman also credits Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s CIA background, as a secret weapon to make the summit successful. His CIA training can help him understand how the North Korea leader will could react throughout the summit.

The U.S. will go in to verify all testing sites have been demolished.  Given his history, can Kim Jong Un be trusted to truly denuclearize his country? 64% think so, and believe he is making strides, while 36% don’t believe so due to his double-dealing history. Read the full story on Fox News here.

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Can North Korean leader Kim Jong Un be trusted to truly denuclearize his country?

64% Yes, making strides...
36% No, history of double dealing...
62% Yes, making strides...
38% No, history of double dealing...
67% Yes, making strides...
33% No, history of double dealing...

Yes, making strides

No, history of double dealing

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It happened. Kim Jong Un Agrees to Denuclearize

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