LeBron for the Lakers?

LeBron for the Lakers

The Akron Hammer. The L-Train. King James. The number of nicknames Lebron James has received throughout the years almost matches the number of times he has lost in the NBA finals. Ouch, too soon, maybe? However, there is no doubt that LebBon remains one of the best players in the league, or as some would say, the G.O.A.T.

LeBron is now a free agent and everyone is wondering where he will end up. Will he stick with his Cleveland roots and try and get the win one last time? Lebron is from Northeast Ohio, and the city has remained his home for the entire time he has been with the Cavs. However, there has been major speculation that LeBron will end up with the Los Angeles Lakers, now that Kobe is out and retired. The suspense is killer- where will King James end up? Will he finally win a title?

Where do you think Lebron should end up? Will he decide to leave Cleveland for LA? 70% of you voted that yes, he needs a change, while 30% of you voted that no, he will remain true to Cleveland. Read more on the story on CBS Sports here.

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

LeBron will be a free agent after this season. Will he decide to leave Cleveland for LA?

70% Yes, he needs a change
30% No, true to Cleveland
68% Yes, he needs a change
32% No, true to Cleveland
76% Yes, he needs a change
24% No, true to Cleveland

Zip users in 70 cities and 27 states weighed in on this question.

LeBron for the Lakers

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