Cal 3 Initiative- Could It Pass?

Cal 3 Initiative- Could It Pass

Every few years, there is talk of California splitting into different states, or even of the entire state splitting off from the U.S. However, the proposals have never been passed and everyone has, for the most part, looked them off. But this time, the Cal 3 initiative, which is a proposal to split California into 3 states, will be on the November ballot.

Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley billionaire, sponsored the initiative, and secured the 365, 880 necessary signatures for the initiative to appear on the ballot. Draper has been a long supporter of this cause. He aimed to split California into six states and spent $5 million on the proposal, but it failed to quality on the 2016 ballot.

The Cal 3 initiative would split California into three jurisdictions: Southern California, Northern California, and California.

A post on the Cali 3 website states, “This fall on Election Day, voters will get the chance to say that the status quo of ineffective, inefficient, and insular state government is taking Californians in the wrong direction.”

The website says that the three states will promote a stronger education, lower taxes, accountable tax oversight, and a more efficient government.

Could this really pass? 35% of you voted that yes, changes are eminent, while 65% of you voted that no, it’s too drastic. Read more on the story on the Washington Times here.

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

Could this really pass? The Cal 3 initiative, a proposal to split CA into 3 states will be on the November ballot.

36% Yes- Changes are eminent
64% No-much too drastic
37% Yes- Changes are eminent
63% No-much too drastic
34% Yes- Changes are eminent
66% No-much too drastic

Zip users in 668 cities and 48 states weighed in on this question.

Cal 3 Initiative- Could It Pass

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