Dolce’s Stefano Gabbana Called Selena Gomez Ugly in Italian

Dolce’s Stefano Gabbana

An insult is still an insult, no matter the language it’s written in. Dolce & Gabbana designer Stefano Gabbana has got a lot of explaining to do after calling Selena Gomez, “ugly” in Italian. Perhaps the designer was too caught up in the beauty standards of Italian women to appreciate others.

The incident first appeared when Gabbana left a comment under The Catwalk Italia’s post of a collage of Gomez in different scarlet dresses. His comment read, “she’s really ugly!” Stefano didn’t stop at that and even replied to another user’s comment about Selena resembling a Pomeranian dog, agreeing, “hahahahahaha is true hahaha.”

Though Stefano Gabbana is known for his rude outbursts, Selena fans everywhere were sharpening their stakes, ready to jab Stefano on social media at any moment.

According to a source, in the past, Gabbana has made unpleasant comments about Kate Moss, feuded with Miley Cyrus and her brother, fought back at critics for his label dressing Melania Trump, and made other controversial arguments.

Selena’s fans thrashed Stefano on Instagram and Twitter. One user apologized on behalf of Gabbana being Italian and cleverly quoted, “Selena is Prada, you’re Nada.” Another fan noted that Selena has sported Dolce & Gabbana many times before and Stefano clearly doesn’t give a hoot about that either. Others couldn’t believe that Stefano had the audacity to even say such a thing to one of the most stunning women in the world.

Maybe controversy is Stefano Gabbana’s middle name. Should his comment have been blocked? 40% of us consider him a bully, while 60% believe he’s entitled to his own opinion. Read this story more in depth on Cosmopolitan here.

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Dolce and Gabbana designer Stefano Gabbana has been known for his controversial comments, with his most recent one being calling Selena Gomez “ugly.” Should his comment have been blocked?

40% Yeah, he's bullying!
60% No, his opinion
21% Yeah, he's bullying!
79% No, his opinion
58% Yeah, he's bullying!
42% No, his opinion

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Dolce’s Stefano Gabbana

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