A Private African Wonderland for the Royal Couple

A Private African Wonderland for the Royal Couple

They had a wedding that the whole world tuned in to see, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opted for a very private honeymoon in Africa. Their adventures included safaris, lounging by pools, and relaxing as much as they could before they started into the very busy life of royals.

They did not leave for the honeymoon right after their May 19th wedding, as they had numerous events to attend after. One of their first public appearances as husband and wife was at a garden party celebrating Prince Charles as part of his 70th birthday celebrations. Prince Harry was attacked by a bee when speaking at the podium, and cameras captured Meghan and Harry laughing about it afterwards.

E! News reported that a source close to the pair said, “Going somewhere they can bring minimal security and not worry about people seeing them has been of the utmost importance.” It sounds as though they accomplished this honeymoon goal, with their sights set on each other the whole time.

Would you want a honeymoon in Africa like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? 55% of you voted yes, sounds like heaven, while 45% of you voted no, you need a resort. Read more on the story on E! News here.

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It looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle traveled to Africa on their honeymoon, going on safaris and enjoying outdoor activities. Would you want a honeymoon like this?

55% Sounds like heaven
45% I need a resort
58% Sounds like heaven
42% I need a resort
52% Sounds like heaven
48% I need a resort

Zip users in 164 cities and 38 states weighed in on this question.

A Private African Wonderland for the Royal Couple

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