Couple Attacked in the Big Apple

Couple Attacked in the Big Apple

Big cities can be dangerous places full of crime and assault, as one unfortunate couple knows all too well after they were attacked celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary. Jeremy and Paola Goldberg, both 35, live in West Orange, NJ, and were out for a night in Big Apple. They had just finished seeing “Dear Evan Hansen,” a Broadway musical, when they were attacked while walking along Eighth Avenue.

The attacker, 40-year-old Derrick Boyce, spit at Paola, and then punched and beat Jeremy in the face. He was left with a bloodied mouth and bruising on his right cheek. Boyce fled, but the police caught him 10 minutes later, and he was charged with assault. He has 31 prior arrests on his record- a whopping number for a man still freely roaming the streets.

The Post reports that Jeremy said there were many people walking by at the time of the incident, but nobody stopped to help them. He said Paola was screaming for help, but people ignored them and acted as though it was normal. Jeremy continued by saying, “Maybe the city has gotten to the point that people are desensitized to violence, mental illness, drugs…if that’s the case, I’m not sure whose fault it is- the individuals or the [De Blasio] administration for allowing this lack of safety.”

After the attack was over, someone did jump out of their car with a baseball bat to help the couple.

Do you feel like your city/town handles mental health and crime well? 38% of you voted that you feel safe, while 62% of you voted that it was out of control. Read the full story on the New York Post here.

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Do you feel like your city/town handles mental health and crime well? A NYC couple was attacked on the street by a multiple offender and they blame the De Blasio administration for this trend.

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