Apple Has the Solution for Phone Addiction

Apple Has the Solution for Phone Addiction

Has Apple found the solution to get people to use their phone less? After the company has been criticized for the addictive nature of its devices, they have come up with a solution.  During their annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, they announced software strategies and teased where the company is hoping to head with its hardware. This year, instead of highlighting enhancements to get people to rely on and use their devices more, they will be doing the opposite by highlighting how to help users use their gadgets less.

This is a completely different approach for Apple. The company’s engineers have nicknamed the new initiative “Digital Health.” They will reveal the tool they have been working on that help users monitor how much time is spent on certain application use and phone use. “The details will be bundled inside the Setting app in iOS 12, the likely name of Apple’s refreshed mobile operating system,” according to Time.

Although to be fair, people aren’t just addicted to iPhones, but other smart phones and technology. In addition, Google has also emphasized similar tools that allow users to monitor the length of time on apps, and remind them to take a break.

The changes will only be minimal for now for Apple users. The bigger software strategies won’t be featured until later. They are still strategizing to get users to use devices more. Are you one of the many addicted to your phone? 32% of people are guilty of being addicted, while 68% of people disagree and admit they take breaks. Read the full story on Time here.

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Apple says it’s working on a software strategy to help people use their phones less. Are you addicted to your phone?

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