Can We Trust Government Paid Scientists?

Can We Trust Government Paid Scientists

An internal White House memo circulated a year ago weighed in on whether they need to simply ignore climate studies that are produced by government scientists. The memo presented three options: conducting a red team/blue team exercise to “highlight uncertainties in climate science, formally review the results under the Administrative Procedure Act, or ignore it and not seek to characterize or question the Federal agencies conducting it, according to the Los Angeles Times.

As the debate on climate change continues amongst political parties, a scientist’s employer is causing doubt and leaving people puzzled on how to validate the information. Does an employer affect the validation of a scientist? If your employer is the U.S. Government, it may. Considering the current ongoing government investigation, one must wonder what is going on with paid scientists. They could perhaps be paid to lean results to one side to benefit their political party.

With that said, do you trust government scientists? 13% of people think yes, because regardless, they are scientist and results will be accurate. On the other hand, 87% of people don’t trust them and think they are probably corrupted. Read the full story on the Los Angeles Times here.

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Do you trust government paid scientists? An internal White House memo circulated a year ago weighed whether to ignore climate studies from gov’t scientists, or to instead develop “a coherent, fact-based message about climate science.”

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