Mariah Carey Cashes in By Selling Engagement Ring

Mariah Carey Cashes in By Selling Engagement Ring

If someone gives you an engagement ring, are you forced to give it back if things don’t work out? After all, doesn’t a proposal make the ring yours, since it is a gift? Well, Mariah Carey certainly thinks so. After her and her ex-fiancé, James Packer split in 2016, the couple agreed that Carey would keep the massive 35-carat engagement ring he gave her. In addition, she received $5 – $10 million dollars. That is one generous ex.

Carey has reportedly sold the ring via a business manager for a rumored $2.1 million to an L.A. jeweler. Carey previously said that the ring was “so heavy I can’t lift my arm up.” Like many of us who get rid of things belonging to our former exes, Carey shows she is no different.

Don’t feel bad for Packer, though. We are sure the money loss is nothing compared to his estimated $4.1 billion fortune. Carey reportedly asked for $50 million after their split, in return for moving to L.A. to be with him.

Where do you stand? Would you sell your engagement ring from an ex? 65% of people would and say yes, make that money! On the other hand, 35% of people think this is petty. Read the full story on E! News here.

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Apparently, Mariah Carey sold her engagement ring from James Packer for $2.1 million. Would you sell an engagement ring from an ex?

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