The Dangers of Social Media

The Dangers of Social Media

The rise of social media has presented numerous debates on if it is beneficial or not. Yes, you can stay connected with old friends and become involved in other people’s lives. You can voice your own opinions for the world to see and even receive job opportunities. However, there are many times when social media has made people lose their jobs and even friendships in the process.

There are countless stories of people calling in sick to work, and then posting drunk videos or photos which get them fired the next day. Or, people who post something their friends don’t like and it becomes an issue. Social media can also limit job opportunities, if employers see too many negative photos on someone’s account. People have to be increasingly careful about what they post because it can seriously damage their career options.

Once you secure a job, there is also a danger of spending too much time on social media during work. Employers have been monitoring how much time their workers spend on social media, when they are being paid to work.

There are many pitfalls to social media if you do not use it correctly. One of the more dangerous issues can be sharing too much personal information on a site. It is incredibly easy to track where one lives, as well as where they will be at certain times, if someone posts too much on social media.

Have you ever lost a job or a friendship after posting something “controversial” on social media? 20% of you voted yes, lesson learned, while 80% of you voted no, you keep it PC. Read more on the story on Careermine here.

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Have you ever lost a job or a friendship after posting something “controversial” on social media? Rosanne Barr lost her reboot series after posting a racially charged tweet.

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