Will Smith the Rapper is Back After a 13 Year Hiatus

Will Smith the Rapper is Back After a 13 Year Hiatus

After 13 years, Will Smith is making a comeback album, which focuses on everyone minding their own business. There have been multiple divorce rumors going on throughout the years about Will and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The couple recently celebrated their 20- year anniversary in December and are still going strong, despite all the rumors floating around.

Smith released his new song “To the Clique” on his YouTube channel where he raps, “20 years of swag y’all just witnessed, stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business.” Seems like the 49-year-old rapper and actor knows exactly how to clap back at his haters.

He spoke to E! News about his marriage and said, “It’s really interesting, it’s like, when you see couples that have been together long and you have that look between them and you just know, if you haven’t been with somebody that long, you just can’t really say the thing where you get to that place where you find the magic in the mundane, where you’re not seeking the high stimulus and all of that ravaging, craving- it’s just really simple and really easy, you know.”

Are you excited for Smith’s new album? 36% of you voted it will be legendary, while 64% of you voted that he is old news. Read more on the story on E! News here.

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Will Smith is making a comeback! He’s working on a new album after 13 years – addressing divorce rumors in a preview of his new song “To the Clique.” Are you excited for his new album?

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