John Mayer Features New Music Video in PJ’s

John Mayer Features New Music Video in PJ’s

John Mayer is officially back- and his new music video is everything and nothing at the same time. His ‘New Light’ video features Mayer in dirty, pajama type clothes in front of a green screen, adding random footage including Mayer in an office cubicle, a convertible, and on a beach. Is this a midlife crisis or Mayer just doing his thing? We’ll let you decide.

He jokingly tweeted, “I needed to make a video for ‘New Light’ but nobody could agree on a budget so I went to a place downtown and made this with a company that usually does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos.” Good call, John.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Mayer explains that he feels as though everything is wide open for him now that he is 40. He also said that it’s up to other people if his music becomes the next big thing, and that he is enjoying being able to do anything.

The seven-time Grammy winner continued by saying, “New Light was not easy to write, lyrically. It was written out of sequence. I had to write the first verse in a way that would be reverse engineered to a place where as you heard it, it still made sense.”

What do we think? Are most music videos pointless nowadays? 69% of people voted that yes, nobody cares, while 31% of you voted no, they’re all promo and buzz. Read more on the story on E! News here.

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John Mayer is back! He just came out with a new music video for “New Light” that’s so cheesy it’s entertaining. Do you think music videos are pointless nowadays?

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