Not So ReMARKable

Not So ReMARKable

It’s 2018 people- are shoulders really still an issue for women? Apparently for the royals, they are. Meghan Markle is under attack by some trolls on social media for wearing an open neckline gown to Queen Elizabeth’s birthday parade, stating that “exposed” shoulders had no place there.

The look was reminiscent of a dress worn by Princess Diana over three decades ago, and Markle’s dress features the same pastel hue, open neckline, and buttoned-up bodice. Past looks have also been inspired by Princess Di, and even Markle’s engagement ring features diamonds once owned by Diana.

Most believe that the dress paid homage to Princess Diana, but some have attacked her for bearing her shoulders. Markle has continuously been under fire by the media. Many believe that her nonconformist attitude is breaking the mold of the royal family. Sources have stated that the royals have been frustrated with Markle as well. What will be next in store for the royal newbie, Markle?

How would you do under a microscope? Could you handle the pressure? 57% of you voted that you would shine, while 43% of you voted you would wither. Read more on the article on Page Six here.

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New Royal Meghan Markle is getting flack for wearing a shoulder bearing outfit, which actually looked like an homage to Princess Diana, to a recent event. How would you do under a microscope?

57% I'd Shine
43% I'd wither
53% I'd Shine
47% I'd wither
62% I'd Shine
38% I'd wither

Zip users in 56 cities and 30 states weighed in on this question.

Not So ReMARKable

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