Who is Really to Blame for School Shootings?

Who is Really to Blame for School Shootings?

Every time a school shooting occurs, we learn more details about the shooter and the warning signs we missed. They often leave behind details surrounding their plans, and even sometimes reveal their motives for their actions. The media then makes it their job to pick apart every detail, piece by piece. Everyone is left searching for someone to point the finger at.

It was recently reported that the Texas school shooter journaled about his killing prior to attacking the school. He isn’t the first to do such a thing, as gunmen have shown signs that were missed by friends, classmates, school administrations, law enforcement and even the internet, where some have posted signs that were missed. People start blaming the NRA, gun laws, retail shops, school security guards, school safety, and so on. Regardless, the parents are the first we point fingers at, because they are the reason this person exist in the first place. The parents then come out and express their shock and disappointment. They express their remorse for the cruelty their child has inflicted on society, and swear they knew nothing. Even after details leading up to the shooting are revealed, they say they didn’t see the warning signs and don’t know how this occurred. How much of that is true, many ask.

As history shows from previous school shootings, the victim’s parents become harassed and blamed. Columbine gunman Dylan Klebold’s mom, Sue Klebold, has previously spoken out after years of being hated and threatened. She has done many interviews, written a book, and done a Ted Talk, to talk about her regret and hopes people will gain from her experience.  She has admitted that she missed the warning signs as others did. In her memoir, A Mothers Reckoning, she says she obsessively still looks back for clues she missed. She recalls she “let go” of certain things as peer adolescent moments. Those certain moments would be the warning signs of depression that he may have been indicating, but she masked as typical teen issues.

Klebold’s son took part in the first of what would be the start of the rise in school shootings, so many can understand her failure to identify any signs. Having said that, can parents today express shock and say their child failed to release any signs to them? Teenage depression and mental illness is on the rise and many are speaking out more about it.

Once again as investigators scour the Texas school shooter’s journals, computer and cell phone, we wait to see who will be blamed this time. Do you think parents are responsible for their children’s misdeeds? 72% of people weighed in and think they indeed are to blame, while 28% of people think no, because teenagers can’t be controlled. Read the full story on the New York Times here.

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Are parents responsible for their children’s misdeeds? The Texas school shooter journaled about killing prior to attacking the school.

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