The NY Knicks Have “The Hots” for Trae Young

The NY Knicks Have “The Hots” for Trae Young

Basketball rumors are swirling about the New York Knicks. Kevin O’Connor of the Ringer has reported that the Knicks have “the hots” for Oklahoma’s Trae Young. A year ago, the Knicks picked up combo guard Frank Ntilikina during their eighth pick in the NBA draft. The rumor now circulating is they have their eye on a long- term backcourt partner, who could possibly be Young. Will they use their ninth pick this year to pick up Young? One who is hoping for that, is his father.

According to Young’s dad, Ray Young, he sees his son playing for the Knicks. Young has garnered many comparisons to Stephen Curry, due to similar size and propensity for knocking down difficult off-the-dribble threes, according Bleacher Report. Young admitted during the draft combine that he loves the comparison, but feels he brings something new to the game. “He’s a two-time MVP and a champion. I love the comparison, but I feel like I bring a lot of different things from different players, different players’ games to the table. I’m just trying to be the best version of Trae Young. That’s all that matters to me. I’m just getting started in this thing,” he said.

We can agree on how one would want to remind everyone that he is just getting started and working on being the best version of himself. Do you think New York should snatch up Trae Young? 72% of people think they definitely should, while 28% of people think there are better players to choose from. Read the full story from Bleacher Report here.

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It looks like the NY Knicks have their eye on Oklahoma’s Trae Young. Should they snatch him?

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