The Facebook Apology Tour Continues

The Facebook Apology Tour Continues

Mark Zuckerberg continues his apology tour in Brussels. Was it too late to say sorry for Zuckerberg, who had a rough time in Brussels? The CEO of Facebook got grilled by the European Union (EU) Parliament. His “my fault” tour, comes in response to the privacy and policy mistakes that led to the largest data leaks in Facebooks history. The situation spiraled to a unique way of attacking the democratic election across the West. The attack, when it was recently discovered, showcased the imperfection and faults of Facebook.

The problem with constant apologies, is that when someone repeatedly apologizes, they can start to become meaningless to some. The European Union’s Parliament members asked Zuckerberg questions for one hour straight. Zuckerberg didn’t answer any questions until the end, when he only spent 25 minutes answering some, and ignoring others entirely. This infuriated some of the EU members, “I asked you six yes-and-no questions, and I got not a single answer,” said Guy Verhofstadt, a Belgian politician. Zuckerberg paused and then responded, “I’ll make sure we follow up and get you answers to those” in the next few days.

Zuckerberg has spent the past few weeks answering questions about everything, including Russians meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and the 87 million user profiles that were mistakenly shared with the political consultancy, known as Cambridge Analytical. Some argue that this led to the victory of Trump’s presidency win. “This represents an attack on our fundamental values. We need to prevent this from happening again,” said European Parliament President Antonio Tajani.

Verhofstadt has suggested that Facebook may be running inappropriately based on European antimonopoly laws. He also asked Zuckerberg if they will consider opening their books to European regulators, to determine if his company is a monopoly, since Facebook’s messenger and WhatsApp is the most popular messenger service in the world.

Zuckerberg has been explaining the steps Facebook has taken, after the scandal revealed their imperfections and weaknesses. Zuckerberg insisted that hate speech, terror and violence have “no place on our services.” He claims his team is creating artificial intelligence tools to identify things such as – banning ISIS and terrorist content and identifying bullying and possibilities of self-harm. Zuckerberg claims he didn’t answer all questions because he was respecting the time, as they were already 15 minutes over. He did mention some of the steps they have taken to rebuild trust, which include new privacy controls that allow people to clear their web and app histories, and adding 10,000 curators to clean up fake news, hate speech, and other objectionable content found on the social network. Zuckerberg also admitted that regardless, they will never be perfect.

“Our adversaries, especially on the election side — the people trying to interfere — will have access to the same AI tools that we will. So, it’s an arms race, and we’ll constantly be working to stay ahead,” Zuckerberg said. However, Members of the EU were not impressed. They didn’t care about time limits and wanted answers from Zuckerberg regarding all their questions. Zuckerberg has promised to answer questions later and Verhofstadt has said that he will be making sure he delivers on that promise. He expects Facebook to answer accurately and in detail.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg lied at the European Parliament, after dodging some questions about shadow profiles? 93% of people think he definitely lied. On the other hand, 7% of people think he didn’t lie and has nothing to hide, as everything is already out in the open. Read more about this story on CNET here.

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Mark Zuckerberg dodged some questions about shadow profiles from European Parliament. Do you think he lied at the hearing?

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