Listening in on Butt Dials is Actually Legal

Listening in on Butt Dials is Actually Legal

“Hello? Can you hear me?” you yell into the phone. But the person can’t hear you because they butt dialed you and the fact is, butts can’t hear or talk…

However, there is good news for people who enjoy listening in on other people’s conversations. According to Splinter News, a federal court ruled that it is “perfectly legal” to accidentally eavesdrop and even record conversations heard through a butt dial.

This is all started when an Ohio woman, Carol Spaw, overheard Cincinnati airport official, James Huff, in an accidental dial. And for 90 minutes straight, he exposed details on power plays at the airport authority. Carol started recording the conversation on her iPhone because Huff was hinting at possibly replacing her boss. It’s also important to note that this wasn’t Huff’s first time doing so. He admitted to making “inadvertent pocket-dial calls” in the past as well.

The court even compared butt dialing to leaving your webcam on or simply having your blinds open all the way; if people happen to see, it is not technically an invasion of privacy. The judges also gave some helpful tips in the ruling. If you want to prevent an awkward butt dial situation, it’s important to lock your phone, setup a passcode or even use an app specifically designed for stopping pocket-dials.

Some people get bored after the first few seconds of a pocket-dial call, while others prefer to stay on for juicy details. If someone accidentally ‘butt dials’ you, what do you generally do? Only 39% of us listen in and spy on them, while 61% hang up and laugh. Read the story in depth on Splinter News here.

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If someone accidentally ‘butt dials’ you what do you generally do?

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