France Passes New Measures Against Sexual Violence

Recently, France lawmakers in the National Assembly passed various measures to help prevent sexual violence. This includes a fine of a range between $110 to $885 to men who harass women on the street. Another measure passed states that underage rape victims will have an additional ten years to press charges after their 18th birthday. Victims will now have 30 years instead of 20 to file complaints.

The Washington Post reports that many activists in France wanted the court to set a legal age of consent for sex, but the government said it “could be seen as violating an adult’s presumption of innocence and would be therefore declared unconstitutional.” Lawmakers instead decided to classify sex with a minor under 15 as rape if the child lacked the discernment to consent.

The measure for harassment on the streets has many supporters. 83% of French women say they have been subjected to harassment on the streets.

However, there are also many who believe that the measure will take away the romance that the French are known for. The French minister Marlene Schiappa, pushed back by stating, “There is some reluctance; some say we will kill the culture of the ‘French lover’ if we punish street harassment. But it’s the opposite. We want to preserve seduction, chivalry…But if someone says ‘no,’ its ‘no,’ and it’s final.”

Do you think the fines go too far and punish men for flirting? 76% of you voted yes, while 24% of you voted no, it’s predatory. Read the full story on The Washington Post here.

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France is pushing to protect women from “cat callers” on the streets by fining men up to $885. Does this go too far and punish men for flirting?

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